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The badger needs you! |base

Keep the badger alive for the next month!
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I want to be one with the badger |subscription

Want to have fun with us? Join our community with a monthly subscription!
190.94 RAISED
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Get the badgers to trial!

Help us infiltrate the Alberta Provincial court for great justice!
16,480.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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Basic furnishings for the badger cave! |expense

Fund basic furnishings for the badger cave!
4,817.50 RAISED
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Badgers to infiltrate the Red Pill Premier!

Karen and Alison have spent years crafting men's rights activist personas just for this moment!
11,473.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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To the Badger Cave!

Get the badgers a dank basement so they can meme in their natural habitat. MAKE PEPE PROUD!
54,717.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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Badgers to infiltrate London disguised as seditious(and erotic!) political satire!

12,435.00 RAISED
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Lights, Camera, BADGER!

Let's make #SheforHe a thing!
13,762.00 RAISED
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Badgers to infiltrate Airplay Cunningly Disguised as Badgers! |contingency

Send Karen to Airplay! Holy shit!
2,245.00 RAISED
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Badger Feed Bag |contingency

Interested in donating to the Badgers because you think we're awesome? Want to help fund our trip to BC? Then look no further than this page! You can choose one of the preset levels or you can pay what you want.
100.00 RAISED
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