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I, Alison Tieman, recently sued the Calgary Expo and the Mary sue, recently lost that case. Judge decided that the media bias against me and honey badger brigade was justification for the Calgary Expo breeching their contract with me.

This sets a precedent that anyone who is on the wrong side of the mainstream media has their head on the chopping block when it comes to contract law in Canada. Media doesn’t like you, no one has to uphold their side of any contract  they have with you anymore.

And are now headed down the road to appeal not just because of this horrific precedent but because of specific errors that the judge made in interpreting contract law and canadian consumer protection laws.

Canadian consumer protection is very strong so the fact we lost on these grounds is a strong indication of prejudice.

This ruling establishes a precedent that corporations are justified in breaking contracts with individuals the media has painted as “unsavoury.” This gives media the ability to remove a citizen’s civil contract rights in Canada as it wishes.

This ruling will assist any efforts of the authoritarian left—or those sympathetic—to remove dissenter’s ability to participate fully in the financial system of the west. Other examples include Robert Spencer being targeted by master card and/or Patron and Milo being targeted by PayPal.

This currently directly targets supporters of GamerGate and Men’s Rights activists, but it also will extend to conservatives. The Canadian government is already discriminating against conservative Christian beliefs in government grants.

This ruling is full of errors of fact and law. For example the Judge mischaracterized the FBI’s findings in regards to Gamergate, saying that the FBI called gamer gate a group that “disseminated hate” when it did no such thing.

This Judgement is currently not available publicly despite judgements occurring later in the month having been made public. It had to be ordered via the transcript service. They have no excuse and have had no excuse since the day they produced the transcript for me at my expense.

Link to the judgement.

We have successfully funded getting our transcripts. Any further support collected through this fundraiser will go to costs associated with appealing the judgement or paying the defences’ court costs if we don’t manage to make the fundraising goal for the appeal.

If you’re interested in having a copy of the transcripts in order to cover the trial in any capacity, including a critical one, please contact us at:

We’ll be providing transcript copies for media coverage free of charge.

We don’t currently have an estimate on the amount of the defences’ costs we will have to cover but it will likely be at least 15-20 thousand unless the Judge rules that they forfeit costs due to improper and illegal behaviour(not holding our breath that the Judge will rule in our favour despite the defence’s impropriety).

The Cost of the appeal will be:

  • Legal representation at the Court of Queen’s Bench: 13,000
  • Legal research and preparation: 12,000
  • Fees and Conversion 7.5%: 2225
  • Transcript costs: 3160

The cost for transcripts is broken down here:

From the breakdown:

The average character count per page is 1,200. One hour is approximately 45 pages.

For an expedited option that will get the transcripts to us in 5 working days, it’s 0.0062/character.

We’ve estimated about 20 hours of actual court time, excluding days devoted to settlement and closing statements. That’s 6696 CND. Our fundraising site is in USD, the conversion puts it at 5135. An additional 5% or 250.00 for transaction and conversion fees.

*Any amount not used for the expenses listed here will go to Honey Badger general operating expenses.