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Romeo and Juliet meets War and Peace in Space!

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Romeo and Juliet meets War and Peace in Space!

In the far future, the human race has seeded the stars. Each generation of colonists comes from a different cultural context, a different level of technology and has a different reason for leaving. As the colonies start to come into contact with each other again war, genocide and hostile standoffs have erupted everywhere along these new frontiers.

It’s a love story between two people from different worlds who have every reason to hate each other. Anne Koa is a former weapons scientist meets Blunt Trauma is a Scion of a powerful and dangerous family from the newest race that’s been rediscovered. Sort of like Romeo and Juliette had started out trying to genocide each other’s families. Or a love story between between Boudiccia and the Roman general Paulinus who savagely put down her rebellion. Or Mary Antoinette and Robspeirre. These two people face each other’s past decisions and ask themselves “how much can I forgive?”

Xenospora is about strains of humanity at war finding a way to love each other again.