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Romeo and Juliet meets War and Peace in Space!

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*Shipping will occur the first week of the following month after purchase. Limited Edition Prints will be delayed indefinitely! (The print shop I used in the past is no longer answering emails/phone calls. It may be artistic flakiness or they’ve decided they don’t want our business. As such I have to find another, affordable, route.) 

What if Earth colonized the Galaxy and those colonies forgot where they came from and experienced first contact with each-other?

Far in the future after Earth has sent out successive waves of colonization, each with it’s own philosophy, technological attainment and reason for leaving, those colonies have founded civilizations and are meeting up again. It’s a time of war, genocide and hostile standoffs. Anne Koa, a former weapons scientist, and Blunt Trauma “Red”, a politician are both heavily involved in the conflict. They meet in a place and time where they don’t have to answer to their past actions or their future expectations and fall in love. Then they go back to their former lives and have to face the reality of who they are and what they’ve done.

Xenospora is about civilizations at war drawn together by a shared past and how much is possible to forgive.

If you’re interested in seeing more volumes of Xenospora, please spread the word about this series or leave a review here.

I have added a limited edition screen print version of my ‘Praxis war effort’ poster featuring Blunt Trauma to the rewards for the fundraiser. If we meet our goal I will be hiring an artist and colourist to continue the story.

3 thoughts on “Buy Xenospora

  1. I really enjoyed the first 2 volumes: War Crimes and Physical contact. The story starts and immediately pulls you in, making you want to read more. I had a hunch that Alison might be a great story teller, and that hunch was confirmed. Really looking forward to purchasing the third volume.
    My experience with comic books and graphic novels is limited. The only other comic I have is a trade publication of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I can say I enjoyed Xenospora as much as I enjoyed the Buffy Comic (which was a lot.)

  2. Allison or other Badgers, there seems to be a bug with the process of being taken to the cart after using the dropdown with the different items and then hitting the “Next Step” button. Its defaulting to X1 regardless of the item chosen (Unless that is intended and you get a message behind the scenes; it looks possibly because the url on the action on the form is always set in the query request to “proid=4” but not sure. The dropdown does not seem to be updating that url if its supposed to). I was just going to get a poster as I already have the first 2 volumes and they are fantastic!

  3. Alison. The front page should say WHAT this is to increase clicks. I looked through your page looking for your comment on multiple occasions and could not see it. This must be it, but even so, this page does not tell me exactly what it is or who did it, or how many pages or what format etc. Then you have a dollar goal but a button to “buy.” So is this a sort of kickstarter for an unmade product or just a portal to purchase your comic. You might sell a lot more if it were not so hard. Do not hide your light under a bushel, so to speak. Love your content.


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