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Youtube is dying. But what will replace it?

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The badgers attended a VR event in San Jose! This trip will see Brian and Jonathan attending a conference to research the emerging field of social VR. And also hosting a meet-up in San Jose for Josers. Finally the stretch goal covers the purchase of our first 360, 3D camera which we intend to use to remaster key men’s issues videos.

Badger Meet up in San Jose March 31st, details below!

Get your loot quickly, before it runs out!

Youtube is dying. But what will replace it?

Imagine going drunk cow tipping in the moonlight with Karen. Or wandering the Badger Cave and listening to Alison rant like a lunatic at individual oxygen molecules. Or being able to explore a realized interactive 3D badgerspace full of 3D renderings of all our crazy ideas with fellow men’s issues enthusiasts.

Or, more prosaically, imagine being able to attend a showing of the Red Pill in VR with a Q and A afterward anywhere in the world with zero travel expenses. Or sign up for a VR university where you can dial up lectures and speeches from men’s issues advocates or activists then watch and discuss them with your fellow travelers.

Since its inception Honey Badger Brigade has been about creating an online community where people can discuss men’s issues without censorship or stigma. We have a steam community, a facebook community, a skype chat that’s been ongoing for nearly four years and a minecraft realm. Virtual Reality would take our online community to the next level, to the third dimension. The badger dimension.

VR Event in San Jose

  1. Research into the best social VR platform to go forward with a realized 3D badgerspace
  2. A fan meet up in San Jose March 31st at 7 PM PST at the San Jose Marriot. Address: 301 S Market St

San Jose Budget

Flights – 1500.00

Accommodations in San Jose- 1300.00

Per Diem – 400.00

Car Travel and Local Accommodation – 350.00

Taxi – 100.00

Goal – 3650.00

Event tickets – 1340.00

Stretch goal – 4990.00

Any money over and above the amount raised will go to other travel, such as the ICMI # 3 in Gold Coast, Australia.


Q: Is my badger loot limited edition?

A: Yes! Every single piece of loot in this fundraiser is limited edition. The artwork is used to produce a set number of badges, stamps and t-shirts and then is retired after this fundraiser, never to be used to produce anything again. That means you will likely be the only person in your city to own it, maybe even your country! Each badger collectible will come with it’s own certificate of authenticity.

Q: Why do I have to purchase a badge/stamp/t-shirt separate from my pledge?

A: Merchandise costs money to produce and ship over and above expenses related to the event. This amount used to be included in the fundraiser. Which meant that some supporters paid for rewards that they wouldn’t be receiving. An additional purchase allows supporters pay only for rewards they want to receive. We’re also taxed on merchandise sales even if the merchandise is only a thank you for a pledge. This means Revenue Canada regards a pledge of 500$ with a t-shirt thank you to be a purchase of a $500 t-shirt and taxes accordingly.

Q: I can add badges, t-shirts and stamps to my cart regardless of the support level I choose! Woot!

A: If you haven’t chosen a support level that corresponds to access to a badge, t-shirt or stamp and you purchase one through the check-out, we’ll consider your purchase a tip and you will get no loot. Don’t game the system, leeroy.

Stretch Goals

Badger Eyes!

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