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I, Alison Tieman, am currently suing the Calgary Expo for breech of contract and the Mary Sue for injurious falsehood. I was evicted from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo, put on by Calgary Expo, in April of 2015. The allegations put forward by Calgary Expo were that I breeched my contract by harassing panelists at a panel titled “Women into Comics.”

Panel Audio here. My contribution starts at 18:30 minutes in.

A review of the audio reveals that I requested to speak to a topic the Panelists brought up and when the Panelists wished to move on to other audience members I, and my friend attending with me Sage Gerard, complied. At all times the panelists were in full control of the panel.

After the eviction the Mary Sue published an article saying I was not just evicted due to harassing behaviour at the Panel but also lied on my contract by misrepresenting myself so that Calgary Expo could not have known I would be attending under the company name “Honey Badger Brigade.”

A scan of my contract provided to the court by the defendants’ council is here.

“Honey Badger Brigade” is listed as the company name; And is listed as the company website.

Both excuses for evicting me were false; the Mary Sue’s article was also based on malicious or reckless lies. Both parties had evidence of the false nature of the accusations from the day of the eviction and the day the article was published.

During the course of our second court date, the defendants appeared to want to negotiate a settlement in good faith after I had concluded my second day of direct testimony.

After we went back and forth for a month, I sent a message clearly stating my settlement terms. They replied with a threat that they would sue me for defamation over a two word tweet sent out by Brian Martinez through his personal account saying “We won” in response to hearing they were willing to settle. The original tweet was not just fair comment, it was also removed when it became apparent that people were misinterpreting it and Brian went out of his way to clarify any misinterpretation out of an abundance of caution.

Any defamation suit launched over that tweet would be classified as vexatious litigation.

Further, they are claiming I am responsible for any harm over a two word tweet that was itself fair comment, was removed when it was apparent it was being misinterpreted, and _was not made or authorized by me_ … and yet their malicious, reckless lies about my behaviour at the expo and my business dealings remain uncorrected by them two and a half years later.

At this point it’s abundantly clear they are not negotiating in good faith. I believe nothing but a judgement will end this; even if I do settle, I get the sense I may be chasing after any settlement terms with them for years or longer. I will not bow to threats and I will not accept anything less than justice for myself and the community that has supported me in seeking justice.

When we contacted the court clerk for a continuance, they gave us potential dates in February 2019. Harry Kopyto, our legal council, sent a polite request to the Judge that he consider doing what he could to move the date earlier.

We’ll be giving you an update on his response shortly.

Once again I’m asking you again for support in pursuing justice.

Where can I find out more about this? 

Here is an interactive(in progress) timeline of the happenings and legal documentation related to this case.

Calgary Expo Eviction Timeline

What’s the budget? 

We’re asking for another 10k for legal and professional fees plus travel and accommodations costs for the witnesses. Although I said in one of my original announcements that we don’t have to bring as many witnesses, Harry has advised me that we will want to put some more people on the stand to have the best chance possible for winning.

The first goal will just be the legal fees. The second goal will include the accomodations for the witnesses.

First Goal:

Legal and professional fees: 10,000.00

Second Goal:

Accommodations: 2000.00

Per Diem(9 people x 50/day x 5 days): 2250.00

Flights: 4200.00

Contingency: 1545.00

Total: 19,995.00

I’d like to attend the trial!

If you’d like to attend the trial in support please send a message to:

It’s important to pack the benches and show the Judge and the defendants that our side has public support!

If you have a car and want to help transport people to Calgary, please drop us a line. If you need transportation, some may be available in your area. Details TBA.

Why fundraise now? 

[Answer will be updated shortly.]

How long will my rewards take?

Rewards will be shipped after the fundraiser and event is over. Manufacture of rewards can also add a month or two onto the timeline. In addition unforeseeable situations like Brian being diagnosed with testicular cancer or other issues and delays can arise. Rest assured, your merch monkey(Alison) is working as fast as she can fling poo.

What will the amount over the goal go towards?

General operating expenses of HBR so that we can deliver you more badgery goodness!

This is a hoax!

And for those of you who think this is some sort of elaborate hoax, here’s the official court announcement of the trial date.

Here is a timeline documenting the paper work associated with the case.

Also this trial has already set a precedent for other small businesses and content creators to pursue redress under “injurious falsehood” in Alberta Civil Courts. If we do anything, we’ve made the way a little easier for other people who own small businesses who have their business dealings maligned by media or corporate gatekeepers.


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What is Honey Badger Brigade’s legal status?

Honey Badger Brigade is a for-profit corporation whose mandate is to protect creative freedom and advocate for men’s issues.

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