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This year’s mixed-up meetup will be the weekend of September 23-24.

At last year’s meetup, we visited the Wright Patterson Air Force museum in the morning, and then after it closed, adjourned to a local retro-games arcade for pizza, snacks, and drinks. I was able to host people who needed a place to crash afterward, but don’t have the same situation this year.

This year we will be reserving a party room at the same retro-games arcade, and some cabins at a local campground. This will cover the night of the 23rd. On Sunday, the 24th there will be a trip to the Ohio Renaissance Faire. As with last year, no names or addresses for the locations aside from the museum (and the Faire, which anyone can attend) will be released to non-attendees prior to the event’s date, so if you plan to attend, be sure to provide contact information through this fundraiser.

Needless to say, three of those things will involve expenses.

$325.00 Cabin rental
$300.00 Retro Arcade Party Room
$375.00 Renaissance Faire tickets
$50.00 Cost of fundraiser
Total: $1050.00

Anyone who only wants to participate in part of the weekend’s events can visit the museum with us, buy Ren tickets at the gate ($22.50 per adult ticket according to the website) and visit the Faire with us, or go to the arcade with us and buy their own food and tokens… but space at the cabins will be limited to fundraiser donors.

Museum visitors please note:

The Wright Patterson Air Force museum is on Wright Patterson Air force base, so you will be on military-owned and operated property. Attendance is totally free and open to anyone. For security reasons, all bags are subject to search, and weapons are not permitted within the museum. In addition, all adults may be asked to show their picture identification card upon entering the museum. There are no exceptions.

Renaissance Faire attendees please note:

Village policy requires all weapons must be peace tied (tied in a sheath) at all times. No pets are permitted. No outside food or beverage may be brought into the festival, as a variety of food is sold at the event. Attendees can visit their vehicles in the parking lot during the day upon receiving a hand stamp and people who do not wish to purchase food at the event sometimes bring coolers with packed lunches. However, the food available for purchase at the event is quite good.

For Cosplayers: The weekend we’re attending the Ren is Barbarian Invasion weekend. See details at the following link:

If donations from non-attendees put us over and above the cost of the event, the overage will be put toward getting the Badgers to the next event.

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