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Hi my name is Hannah Wallen and I currently head up the Thursday evening HBR Talk show on Honey Badger Radio. Right now I’m covering for Brian while he’s recovering for testicular cancer.

When Brian returns from his medical leave he’ll be taking over the Thursday show from me, unless we can earn enough to keep me on part time. I’d really like that to happen because hosting the Thursday show means something to me.

Our goal is 600/month additional to keep me on as the show runner for Thursday. This amount will not only allow me to continue my work on HBR Talk but also free up both Alison and Brian to pursue other projects at Honey Badger Radio.

What I want to see for HBR Talk is to give men and women the arguments they need to dispel the lies our society tells about men and women.

I want see men going toe to toe with the lies that our society enables women to tell to assert their truth from a position of strength through knowledge. And I want women to be empowered to help their fathers, husbands, sons and male friends get through the trials they face when they’re falsely accused.

My mind was blown when, upon witnessing legal tolerance for women’s perjury in intimate partner violence cases against my friends, I realized how much society condones lies perceived to benefit women… in particular, when the woman’s accusation itself is a lie.

Then I heard arguments that intimate partner and sexual violence conviction rates affected by this tolerance for women’s lies somehow proves men’s malevolence, and I said “what is this shit?!”

What do you do when you’re dealing with such an obvious lack of logic? It is as if the person has just vomited up a huge mass of bullshit, and there you are, up to your knees in it, disgusted, discouraged, and desperately trying to figure out how you’re going to get it out of your socks. It’s not even good, compostable shit. It doesn’t foster anything productive… nothing can grow where independent thought, logic, and reason are not permitted to exist.

So what IS to be done?

The first need is a shovel – a tool to dig through it and find your way back to solid ground.

I want people empowered to fight back against tolerance for lies, the myths that are promoted and protected by that tolerance, and the demands that are made based on those myths. In particular, I want people armed with the tools they need to fight back against women’s lies, men being blamed for those lies, and demands placed on men as a result of that blame… to provide our listeners with the tools to dig out of the bullshit, maybe to even get the people around them questioning, why are we tolerating this shit? I want people aware that they don’t have to tolerate a damn thing, because right here, we have a whole shed full of tools to work our way through all of it, clean it out of the discussion, and get on with our advocacy. Most of all I want men who can assert their own truth without fear of the lies society facilitates women telling.

HBR Talk is that shovel, and with it, you will be able to dig through the lies society tells about men’s malfeasance, women’s innocence. You’ll be able to capture the lies in perfect clarity. You will be able to assert the truth with confidence.

–Hannah Wallen