Badgers to infiltrate the Red Pill Premier!

Karen and Alison have spent years crafting men's rights activist personas just for this moment!

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**NEW STRETCH GOAL** – Red Pill Screenings in Edmonton and at the Badger Cave! : 10,995.00 

Brian, Mike, Alison and Karen will attend the screening in Edmonton if there is a screening in Edmonton. If the individual responsible for the Edmonton screening bails, we’ll apply it towards upgrading Karen’s Office in the badgercave. Regardless we will be putting on a screening at the Badger Cave in Saskatchewan.

All funds over this goal will go to creating an Office for Karen in the badger cave in recognition of her work in the defence of men.

Highest donor between October 5th and the end of the fundraiser gets to name Karen’s office in the badger cave(as long as it has Karen’s name in the title.) Next highest donor gets to name the couch.

There will be a couch. A couch for Karen.

If you wish to use a credit card to give a custom amount please go here.  

**Other screenings** 


If you have a screening you’d like us to bring attention to, please put your information in the comments to this fundraiser!

Okay. So. Here we are. The Red Pill is set to premiere in New York on the 7th of October.

For anyone who’s not aware of the story behind this documentary, I’m going to give you some background. Cassie Jaye operates a documentary film studio called Jaye Bird Productions. She’s produced and or directed a couple of very well-received documentaries on controversial topics: Daddy I Do (about chastity balls and abstinence-only sex education), and “The right to love: An American family” (about same sex marriage).

Back in 2013, while searching for information on “rape culture” with the intention of doing a film on it, she stumbled across A Voice for Men, and she was intrigued. She reached out and began to formulate an expose on the men’s rights movement similar to the ones she’d done on the chastity movement and the same-sex marriage controversy.

I met Cassie twice, and have done two interviews with her for this project. The first was brief, the second was in depth—I think we talked on camera for about 3 hours at the tail end of the 2014 international conference on men’s issues.

Given her track record of presenting issues impartially, Cassie initially had lots of financial backers regarding her planned investigation of the men’s rights movement. But when her backers were told that they would not be granted creative or editorial control over the film’s narrative, they backed out. She ended up having to crowd-fund post production costs through kickstarter.

I honestly don’t know whether this movie is going to be supportive of the MRM. I don’t know that I care.

What I do know is that Cassie has risked a very great deal in the service of defending her creative freedom. She turned away pots of cash in order to maintain her autonomy as an independent filmmaker.

As a result, her movie’s premiere will not be a clone of the recent million dollar “heforshe” gala event. It will be opening in a small, independent theater in New York City, with not much press coverage, little fanfare and lots of resistance.

About a week ago, Cassie reached out to me to invite me again to attend the NY premiere. She’s planned question and answer sessions with participants in the film that will occur after the 6:15 screenings on the first three nights. Among those planning to participate in the Q&A are Suzanne Venker, Kristal Garcia, Michael Kimmel, Fred Hayward and Tim Goldich.

She asked if I’d be willing to attend. Well, asked me for a third or fourth time, telling me that she believes my being there will be invaluable to the success of the event.

I had initially declined to attend. I was happy to wait to see the movie here in Edmonton, where we are planning a screening for late October or early November. But Cassie seems to think my presence would help her, and I can’t help but feel for someone who has, from everything I’ve seen, potentially sacrificed her success on the altar of being objective, moral and ethical.

Normally, I’d ask her to pay my expenses, but her ability to do that went out the window when she told her initial financial backers they wouldn’t have control over the end product. So I’m asking you all to help me make Cassie’s premiere a success.

The Red Pill opens in New York City on October 7th. I want to be there to help make the initial screening and Q&A a success. There will be Q&A sessions after the evening screenings on the 8th and the 9th, and I’d like to be there as well.

I’ve asked Alison and her husband to attend as well, so that Alison can also participate in the Q&A sessions, and so her husband can record the event for all of you guys.

I want this event to be a success.

And as a last favor, I’d like you to consider sending my fiance along for this ride. He has been my rock, my anchor, my purpose and my inspiration through so much of this journey. He was the one who introduced me to the men’s rights subreddit and pushed me back into an investigation of these issues. He was the one who convinced me to start a blog, and the one who set it up for me. He was the one who sent my very first blog post to Warren Farrell without asking me, knowing how upset I would be with him right up until the moment Warren responded with encouragement and enthusiasm. He was the one who convinced me to put the lie to all the accusations that I must be a fat, ugly man because no woman could possibly think the way I do—the one who convinced me to come out on video. He’s been the one who has supported me financially while I have made this my career.

Without him, I would not be Karen Straughan, anti-feminist and men’s rights advocate. Without him, I’d just be an opinionated waitress. Without him, none of you would have me.

So for this event, I’m asking you to also make it possible for me to share it with him. 

–Karen Straughan (Girl Writes What)

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