Badgers Take Britain Take Two

Help the Badgers Infiltrate Britain AGAIN! FIRST GOAL MET! Amsterdam Meetup funded! WE'RE GOING TO MANCHESTER!

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Amsterdam meet up(FUNDED!)

Location: Westergas Fabriek

Date: Wednesday July 18, 2018

Time: 2 PM

Attending Badgers: Alison and Karen

London meet up(FUNDED!)

Location: Fox@Excel (Fox pub at Excel)

ExCel Bars

Date: Sunday July 22nd, 2018

Time: 5 PM

Attending Badgers: Alison, Karen, Hannah, Brian and Mike

Manchester meet up (FUNDED!) 

Location: Cafe Nero in Piccadilly Gardens

Date: Tuesday July 24th, 2018

Time: 2 PM

Attending Badgers: Alison, Brian, Mike (Karen if funded!)

Help the badgers once again land on the sunny shores of England! Karen, Alison, Hannah, Brian and Jonathan need your help to get to Britain for the International Conference on Men’s Issues number four!

This time around Karen Straughan will be the keynote. Alison Tieman will also be speaking while Jonathan and Brian conduct interviews and Hannah helps man the badgerbooth.  Get us to the ICMI #4 for great men’s issues advocacy!

If we make our first goal of 13950 we’ll be adding an Amsterdam meet up with Karen and Alison! If we make our 19950 goal, we’ll be reprising our Manchester meet up.

If you’re interested in RSVPing to any of the meet-ups please send a message to:

Additional Donation Options

Donate anonymously with paypal.

Donate any amount not listed here(without rewards).

Support the badgers monthly(first month to support the fundraiser)!


  1. ICMI Keynote Speech(Karen)
  2. Additional Speechifying(Alison)
  3. Badger Booth open for business(Hannah)
  4. Interviews of the Conference attendees and speakers (Brian & Jonathan)
  5. Conference Coverage(ALL DA BADGERS!)
  6. Amsterdam Meetup on the 18th(Alison and KAREN!!!)
  7. London meet up on the 22nd(ALL DA BADGERS)
  8. Manchester Meetup on the 24th(Alison, Mike, Brian)

Budget(will be updated as costs come in)

Karen, Alison & Jonathan Base Package

  • Flights:  3000 4500
  • Accomodations: 4500
  • Per Diem: 2550
  • Car Rental: 1250
  • A/V Equipment: 1250 2500
  • 10% Contingency and Fees: 1400
  • Financial Fees: 600

Total: 13,950  15,900

Karen in Manchester expansion pack (plus Hannah and Brian)

  • Flights: 2200
  • Per Diem: 900
  • Lost Wages: 1900
  • A/V Equipment: 1000

Total: 6000

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