ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Infiltrating Alberta Civil Court disguised as ourselves!

Get us to trial! For great justice!

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They suspect nothing.

Our continued efforts to infiltrate the court room disguised as the plaintiff in a civil case bears more fruit. A second trial is imminent and in order to pull off our massive trolly shitbrief, we once again turn to you, our demonic horde and ask for:

One million dollars!

Thas rite. One million smackaroos.

But first we’re asking for an additional 16.9 k to get all the witnesses together (again) and take another run at finding justice. There are no typos left folks, the defendant is clearly identified and named, the summary dismissal–itself representing a precedent setting judgement*– has been hurdled and we are in the home stretch.

Regardless of the outcome, you all got us a shot at justice. That’s a win. Most people don’t get this far fighting a corporate monopoly. They don’t even have a shot at fighting back against corporations that want to control what we can think and say, with the blessing(and funding) of government.

Since we’ve initiated this civil suit against Calgary Expo and the Mary Sue, the Calgary Expo has codified censorship into it’s contract–disallowing political groups and anyone “affiliated” with political groups. It’s already uninvited atheist and christian groups to its events, and those are the ones we know about.

Last time we checked the Expo still allows victimhood-exploiting feminist and social justice groups and offers their content in it’s programs. They still don’t offer a counter-point to female victimhood or a counterpoint to the blanket media condemnation of media watch dogs like Gamergate.** In other words, even in the midst of a lawsuit over selective application of their rules in relation to their exhibitor contract, it looks like they’re still selectively applying a rule; their moratorium against political groups.


In April of 2015, we opened a booth at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment expo with a conglomeration of Honey Badger Brigade merchandise, editions and Merchandise from ALison’s Xenospora comic, and an anti-censorship banner with a gamergate logo as a tribute to gamergate supporters who had helped fund our way to the Expo. The Expo expelled the group on the first full day of the event and publicly defamed Alison with false accusations used to rationalize the expulsion. Included in the public defamation was an article published in The Mary Sue and publicly referenced by the Calgary Expo’s official twitter account to explain the expulsion to attendees and fans who questioned the decision, and those accusations were picked up and repeated by several media sources following the incident. The Brigade responded with legal action, filing claims in the Provincial Court of Alberta against Calgary Expo for Injurious Falsehood and Breach of Contract and the Mary Sue for Injurious Falsehood and Incitement to Breach of Contract. The history of that action can be seen in the Honey Badger Brigade blog post, “HBB heading to court in Calgary Expo case,” published as we were heading to court last November, and updated after the judge found in our favor regarding all of the opposition’s objections and demands. After a year of impotent, petty, behind-the-scenes legal shenanigans from our opponents, our day in court approaches again. Our trial dates are November 28th -30th. We will once again be transporting our key witnesses to the hearing in Aberta, Canada, from various cities in the U.S. and also from the UK.

When this is over we will be able to talk even more freely about the trial.


This fundraiser for those of you already considering becoming a patron, we’re offering an additional incentive. If you Patron us from now till the end of this fundraiser, your first month will be applied to our fund to get to trial. Feed two badgers with one… mushroom? Please send us a message on Patreon to indicate you’d like your first month applied to trial costs!

I want to feed you monthly and support the trial on Patreon!

If you don’t like Patreon, you can also pledge to us on feed the badger! Please indicate you want your first month to go to the trial in the customer notes!

I want to feed you monthly and support the trial!

If you would prefer to also get content delivered to your email as well as seamless discord integration, please go to patreon to sign up there. Send a message to indicate you want your first month’s pledge to go to the Trial fundraiser.

How long will my rewards take?

Rewards will be shipped after the fundraiser and event is over. Manufacture of rewards can also add a month or two onto the timeline. In addition unforeseeable situations like Brian being diagnosed with testicular cancer or other issues and delays can arise. Rest assured, your merch monkey(Alison) is working as fast as she can fling poo.

What will the amount over the goal go towards?

General operating expenses of HBR so that we can deliver you more badgery goodness!

What’s the budget? 

When the first trial fundraiser was put on, we were told the trial would cost 30-40k. I(Alison) decided to aim for the lower bound. At the time I didn’t know how much effort the defendant’s council would put into delaying trial and throwing up obstacles. Rookie mistake. We’re asking for an additional 7k for legal and professional fees plus travel and accommodations costs for the witnesses.

Legal and professional fees: 7000.00

Accommodations: 2000.00

Per Diem(9 people x 50/day x 5 days): 2250.00

Flights: 4200.00

Contingency: 1545.00

Total: 16995.00

* Our case has set a precedent for other small businesses and content creators to pursue redress under “injurious falsehood” in Alberta Civil Courts. If we do anything, we’ve made the way a little easier for other people who own small businesses who have their business dealings maligned by media or corporate gatekeepers.

** Funny how the media has libeled a bunch of people loosely tied to a hash tag devoted to ethics in journalism. Actually it isn’t. As a working normie at GGinBC said to me(Alison): “That’s what they do.” He gets it. More normies get it than you’d imagine.

*** All patron rewards through feedthebadger require a discord account and participation in the discord as we do not have the content delivery system Patron does.

9 thoughts on “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Infiltrating Alberta Civil Court disguised as ourselves!

  1. OK,so maybe I didn’t pay close enough attention, but imagine my surprise when my $100 donation to your Calgary legal fund added a $10 shipping charge to my Visa account. Having been informed that the transaction was final, at that point, I returned to the store to see why in the world a Visa transaction would come with a shipping charge, and found out that I had apparently agreed to buy some sort of badge and rubber stamp that I don’t want. The text describing this “agreement” stated that if I wanted this, I should check “standard shipping” at checkout, which I did not do (no doubt it was the default option).

    I am aware that charitable donations often come with premiums, which strikes me as a ridiculous waste of the money I just donated for some usually useless crap, but I’ve never come across anyone bundling a charitable donation with an unsolicited purchase in this manner.

    I’m not alleging any kind of misconduct, here, and remain a fan and supporter of Honeybadgerradio. I do think it should be brought to your attention that it is NOT intuitive to expect a donation to result in a purchase, and that this is a problem that could probably be remedied easily enough if it matters to you, and I am confident that it does.

    Kick ass in Calgary!

    1. badgerfeed Post author

      Hi Curt. Under the donation amount that you chose is the following text:

      This level gives you the option to add on a badge and stamp rubber* for the cost of shipping and manufacture! If you want your badge, please choose “Flat rate” as your shipping option.
      *Due to shipping and manufacture restrictions, you have to mount the stamp yourself.

      Some people want the option of a thank you gift for their support. I’ve made it so that those people can pay for production cost + shipping so that other donors are not subsidizing their choice.

      Thank you for the heads up, it appears that a new shipping plugin changes how the shipping is displayed and calculated. Hopefully I’ve fixed it so that no shipping is the default option.

      I will refund you your donation and shipping.

      Thank you.


      1. Please don’t refund the donation! I just wanted to let you know that there was a possible problem, and apparently you’ve already fixed it, so all is groovy with me.

        If you’ve already cancelled the transaction, let me know and I’ll run it again. I’m a long time fan of the Honeybadgers and definitely want to support you–particularly in regard to your bullshit treatment by the Expo.

  2. Please don’t refund the donation! I just wanted to let you know that there was a possible problem, and apparently you’ve already fixed it, so all is groovy with me.

    If you’ve already cancelled the transaction, let me know and I’ll run it again. I’m a long time fan of the Honeybadgers and definitely want to support you–particularly in regard to your bullshit treatment by the Expo.

  3. The first person to scream “You can’t handle the truth” during the trial gets a bottle of Honey Jack. Give ’em Hell, troopers.

    1. Not “if”, but “when”.

      Think big. Think positive. And, most importantly, BELIEVE.

      Faith manages.

      I plan on making my way downtown for the trial and will be covering it as best I can.

  4. Missed the live stream and am only just catching up on it. I threw in my contribution and hope it helps in getting some justice out of this.

    Kick ass and keep being awesome!


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