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When my friend Rodger’s ex wife stabbed his niece’s dog, family court finally issued a restraining order against her. But the police refused to enforce it.

Rodger’s ex-wife filed blatantly false charges, got caught lying to police, perjured herself, and even stalked him and his witnesses, all while a biased court turned a blind eye. It took myself and a whole team of his other friends working together around the clock to protect him from further false accusations and put a stop to her abuse.

Rodger wasn’t the first male friend I’d had who experienced a court system slanted against men. Jason was convicted of assault strictly because his ex said she was scared of him. Mark because a judge thought stopping a woman from stabbing him in the throat was abusive. Steve spent a weekend in jail for nonpayment of child support because of a case worker’s typo.

My friend Rodger wasn’t a wake up call for me, he was the last straw.

Witnessing false accusations against friends in multiple jurisdictions in multiple counties made it obvious that this is an area of systematic, institutionalized discrimination against men, one that blindsides them all to often with life wrecking force. I learned the importance of documentation of seeing through and exposing false framing and other forms of deciet and countering victim narratives used to disguise glaring fabrications as legitimate complaints. I sought out men’s rights forums to share the tools I had seen work against false accusations and soon realized that the false accusations I witnessed are symptom of a larger, broader pattern of lies.

Men stand wrongly accused of the ill-defined crimes of Patriarchy, of privilege, and of toxicity. Spurious, distorted narratives created in women’s name are used to push for a corrupt system that intentionally or not, helps liars destroy men by stripping all men of a presumption of innocence.

I want to provide you, our listeners, with the tools to fight back against those distorted narratives and the abuses they are used to support. I want to arm men against the lies used to dehumanize and demonize them… Most of all I want men to be able to assert their own truth without fear that it will be buried under the rubble of society-wide false accusations.

Ask yourself if that’s something you’d like to see more of, ask yourself if you’d like to support my efforts in arming fighters… and if your answer is yes, please choose one of the options in the side bar.

Thank you.

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