Dehumanization is a spirit-crushing tactic not only used against Black men and boys, but men of all races and ages been effective in the past and still being used now. Awareness could be the key to stopping it for future generations of males. Sonja Schmidt creatively exposes how it works, and its culprits through the telling of one man's dramatic life story and how systematic dehumanizing impacted his life.
Yes Virginia, Fathers Made the Human Race Possible: The latest science on fathers and fatherhood.
Title IX, a civil rights law passed decades ago to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex, has ended up creating a bureaucratic behemoth on college campuses. But can we use Title IX as a weapon against itself and its creators? Is it possible to imagine a future without "diversity bureaucrats," without special privileges and preferences for the female majority on college campuses?
Justin Trottier
Intimate Partner Violence-Has there been real progress in the provision of services to men since the first publication of “Abused Men-The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence” and even since the second edition in 2009? & update from: Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) recent accomplishments and challenges. The new definitions of rape and the changed sexual/legal landscape. How it happened, who was/is behind it & what it means. Details from “When Women Sexually Abuse Men-The Hidden Side of Rape, Stalking, Harassment and Sexual Assault” Including some new information about the scope of false allegations. Academia-The new methods to challenge/reform Title IX, will they succeed? What progress has been made in reforming family court systems-is the new wave of shared parenting legislation a harbinger for further reforms? What programs and policies if instituted could further reduce the harm faced by the children of divorce? Is legislation the best way to achieve them? Update on the Federal level game: A brief history of the Coalition For a White House Council on Boys and Men, and where we are today. A summary of seven presidential candidates reactions to the proposal. VAWA reforms will likely be limited. What is our level of support in D.C.? On the increase or in decline?
Tommy Sotomayor
In 2002, I was a lawyer in the first circumcision (male genital cutting, or MGC) legal case brought as a federal civil rights case. Visiting Judge Bernard Friedman used his full power to orchestrate a favorable result in this case for the defendants, making it impossible for us to get a fair hearing for our federal claims. Last November, a federal judge ruled that a 1996 federal law prohibiting female genital cutting (FGC) was unconstitutional, The judge’s name seemed familiar to me; I realized with a start that the same Bernard Friedman prevented a federal court from protecting males from cutting and then 16 years later blocked them from protecting girls! The cases do differ: males get no protection, while Judge Friedman held that ]”we don’t need a special anti-FGC law to prosecute cutters or their accomplices, though 27 States do have such laws.” Advocates of children's rights need to band together and make clear that the central ethical issue here is the violation of a young person’s bodily integrity without consent, and the exposure of that person's healthy "private parts" to surgical risk without an urgent medical need. Four European cases have held some forms of MGC to be worse than some forms of FGC and found liability. Why were these cases decided in Europe and not the US?
What the media won't tell you about men. There is quite a bit of research on men that never sees the light of the media. Whether it's the Lace Curtain or some other gynocentric mechanism we are cut off from understanding men while at the same time we are flooded with articles and information about women. This presentation will give you a look into the things the media won't tell you and the good news for men that is coming from the latest research. Yes, the latest research is making the APA and feminism look backwards and totally uninformed. Men Are Good!
We must believe, even with our eyes open, that we still can win. We know that women are more loved, elicit more empathy, and that female safety and wellbeing are prioritized. It’s instinctual. Eliciting empathy is a female strategy based on women’s greater power to elicit empathy. We must shake off the shame and believe in ourselves. We must believe that we, as men, are more respected, elicit more authority, and that male leadership is still longed for. And we must believe that that too is instinctual. It is ancient and archetypal and we must believe that it runs deeper than the current rhetoric, deeper than the current misandry. Feminism has its “men have the power; women are the victims”; narrative. We know how one-sided, false and poisonous that narrative is. I believe we must take leadership by presenting a new narrative ;a wiser, healthier, more balanced, and more sustainable narrative vision of the future that the general public, weary of gender conflict, can embrace. That's how we win.