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The Captive Eye

A fanatical assassin infiltrates Norse mythology to stop Ragnarok. Alice in Wonderland meets Game of Thrones.

What’s happening here? 

I’m raising funds for the publication of my book, ‘The Captive Eye.’ It’s a gaslamp noble dark fantasy epic about a boy who just wants a place to belong.

I am further along the editing path and have a better idea of the amount of dosh required to publish a book.

7500$ – Developmental edit funded!

–The following items are flexible–

2000$ – Second developmental edit

7500$ – Line edit

5000$ – Copy edit

2500$ – Proofread

–Still researching–

Promotional Art

Interior layout

Cover design

I can potentially spread out the copy edit costs by splitting my current work into two books and finishing the first before moving onto the second.

Please note, if I’m unable to make HBR’s monthly fundraiser I will have to draw from whatever I make via this fundraiser to cover the difference!

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What is happening here in this place right now? 

This is the HBR monthly fundraiser to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of our… operation. Otherwise known as “Make Alison Dance Like a Monkey for Shekels.”

If you’d like to support Brian, Prim and Hannah for the month of July, just hit one of the delectable choices to your right. ==>


You must be on our YouTube channel during a Saber Beat Fundraiser stream and in possession of some shekels.

Send us a superchow with your song request after making sure it’s available on bsaber.com

If Alison completes the song you must put 25$ toward this fundraiser. On your honour! If not, you can always do it anyway since you’ve chosen to inflict a bastard of a song on Alison and that’s mean. And possibly also sexist.

That is all. Have fun!

This month we’re taking pledges to support Hannah creating HBR Talk and Brian’s producerifying at Honey Badger Radio

Hannah’s HBR Talk (monthly) – 635$

Brian’s Producerfying (monthly)- 2100$

Prim’s Men’s Mental Health (monthly)- 275$(On Hiatus)

HBR Expenses(monthly) – 3250$

Badgercave(monthly) – 1150$

Total: 7135$*

Want to support Badger Media Blitz month-to-month and take a load off Alison’s overloaded mind? As Monthly Pledges and super chows go up or down we have to reduce or increase the fundraiser.

*Any expenses over the fundraised amount is paid for through monthly donations! (As well as Alison and Jonathan’s income.)

*All pledges over and above the amounts here will go toward general Badger operations and savings for future catastrophe.