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  1. Proud to have personally pushed the Honey Badger Convention Fundraiser to the magical level of 9000!!!one!!1!eleven!!.

  2. sorry i couldnt attend i would have like to meet you all. let me know if you will be coming back to the midwest.

  3. I have heard of the supercool stand-against-censorship poster of the badgers that you sold at the expo. Can i buy one & is shipping an option?

    I admire all of you very much for your guts and minds and hope you will cointinue on your path for a long long time!

    Best of wishes,


  4. Watching Alison Tieman cry when discussing how the Honey Badgers were kicked from Calgary Expo drove me to buy volumes one and two of her comic.

    I was reminded of Matt Taylor’s tear-filled apology after the feminist-brigade were all up in arms over his shirt (not his wonderful contributions to science) and wanted to projectile vomit out of rage then, too.

    For anyone who wants to declare that women aren’t victims, and cares about true gender equality, I’ll support you.

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