Dental Care for Direhawk

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Jonathan has several teeth that need to be extracted as they’re introducing infection into his blood which could be harming his heart. He needed to get treatment prior to the lockdowns then the lockdowns happened and things progressed to a near emergency situation. We have dental coverage but it’s basically shit and won’t cover the full cost of treatment.

The extractions will be 1k, an implant to replace one of his teeth will be 5k, he’ll also need root several root canals and fillings replaced and a dental appliance to stop him grinding the crap out of his teeth.

Some of this will be covered by Blue Cross and we can spread the cost over a period of time. I’m only asking for a certain amount because I don’t want this to impact the monthly fundraiser and I’ll be stoping it after a few days.

I can do more portions as we go if there’s continued interest in helping. Thanks so much for considering this.