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Something’s changed. Summarize this for me.

The fundraiser is now separated into three goals.

Goal 1 : Keep Alison Sane : 690

The first leg of the fundraiser covers the shortfall in subscription revenue for the month. Details below.

Main Goal : Feed the Beast

General monthly expenses for Honey Badger Radio, including keeping the badgercave fully operational, Brian in Cheetos, Hannah in onions and Alison in igloos.

Subgoal 2 : 5690

Bonus Goal : Publishing Warchest : 5990

A little extra each month to go towards publishing The Captive Eye, HBR’s latest publishing initiative!

Why are you creating this confusion, woman? 

Due to a perfect storm of the economy being ‘the best ever’*, personal situations(job changes, debt) and other things(HBR sucks, change it back), lack of shilling, Honey Badger Radio has seen a significant decline in its monthly subscription revenue.

Let me clarify. Our supporters are still supporting but some, due to personal circumstance, have had to reduce support.

As the official sales person for the platform and being a person of nervous disposition, I, Alison, am finding myself increasingly panic stricken by this turn of events!

Thus I propose this… proposal forcehencethwith.


During the ‘Keep Alison Sane’ stage of this fund to cover any gap and ease her(my) troubled mind.

As usual your pledges will bring us closer to the funding goal. But, in addition, if you create a new subscription or increase an already existing subscription during the fundraiser the goal itself will be reduced!

Huzzah! Black magic!

*Claim may be inflated.

* By contributing to this fundraiser you will be placed on a list. You will then receive bonus content and occasional fundraiser alerts. If you aren’t interested, then unsubbing actually helps us! (HBR has to pay for each spot.) I will try to figure out a better solution as soon as I can.