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Fund Badger-Chan Avatar for Beat Sabre (Patron-only equipment fundraiser)

I'd like to get badger-chan as a VR model for Beat Saber streams.

I've priced out the cost and it's 450$ to get her modeled and rigged!

First update!

Snowmobile cam Achieved!

Thank you for everyone who supported our purchase of a streaming cam! We ended up going with a GoPro Hero 8 with automatic streaming capability because we can use it to livestream badger events (with the addition of a proper microphone!) We've tried it out streaming our snowmobiling adventures and we managed to get some of them but unfortunately we apparently live in a small oasis surrounded by a cell coverage deadzone. I believe HBR will get far more use out of this equipment in the future via streaming live men's rights events!

I'd like to take you all snowmobiling via some helmet mounted cams! I'd also like to experiment with live-streaming via Skyroam, which is an additional cost for a month's access. These are the cams I'm looking at:

Cam x 1: 450$

Accessories: 300$

Skyroam: 100$

Subtotal: 500$ CND or 380$ USD

Fees: 20$

Total 850$ USDĀ 

I have a final piece of equipment for the silkscreening room that I've set up, a bench!

Bench: 600$ CND or 460$ USD

Fees: 40$

Total 500$ USD

And I'm also going to be going to Saskatoon to talk to a reporter from MEL, the brand magazine for Dollar shave club:

Mileage: 215$

Hotel: 125$

Subtotal: 340$ CND or 260$ USD

Fees: 20$

Total: 280$

Pledged of $1,300 Goal
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If we meet our goal I'll play through Shrek the Movie on Beat Sabre.
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