Quiz Time! What kind of person are you based on how you treat women? – HBR News 136 Aftershow -2

https://youtu.be/abu6Me-RT2E   Join us on the aftershow as we take this quiz: http://quizzes.howstuffworks.com/quiz/can-we-guess-your-personality-based-how-you-perceive-women?acct=act_10153036824292945&utm_medium=paid&utm_source=facebook&asid=6093299107164&adid=6093299114764&mkcpgn=11f90ba650aa4b09acd21ea221bb92f3&sg_uid=11f90ba650aa4b09acd21ea221bb92f3 Listen up patrons! This is a link to the patron-only aftershow stream where you can chat with us in real time at the appointed hour and listen to our ramblings. Be there or be notbadger. When the stream is over this link will take you to the patron-only recording.