Subscription: I want to support monthly and get behind the scenes access!

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Support the show AND slide down the optic nerve to the brain stem of the badger community!

Grab your share of  behind the scenes excitement at Honey Badger Brigade! Subscriptions gain access to subscriber-only video content as well as voice and text chat with the badgers and badger supporters.

The badger Discord community is a high volume chat bringing together supporters and hosts of Honey Badger Radio. In it you’ll have access to behind the scenes planning and organization, sneak peeks of upcoming shows and have a say in charting the course of Honey Badger Brigade. All higher level perks require access to the Discord!

In addition to the Discord text community, you can voice chat with the badgers on aftershow hangouts. All levels are inclusive of lower level perks!

Seed – Access to discord text chat, after show archive and patron exclusive content! Thousands of hours of extra content!

Spore – Chat with Brian during his gaming streams!

Mushroom- Chat with Hannah, Lauren and the Good Doctor in the Talk aftershow! Offer topic suggestions, ask impertinent questions and more!

Lesser Badger – Chat with Brian, Hannah and the Good Doctor in the News aftershow!

Dire Badger – Chat with Brian and Alison* during the Maintaining Frame aftershows! Have access to badger guests in the Fireside chat aftershow!

Dread Badger – Chat with Brian and Alison and the Good Doctor in the Nerdcast aftershow! Enjoy patron-only story analysis!

Diamond Badger –  Chat with Karen, Alison and Brian in the Rantzerker aftershow!

*For tax purposes Alison is not present. Even if she is.

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ultimatebadger 600$, diamondbadger 300$, dreadbadger 150$, direbadger 100$, lesserbadger 50$, mushroom 30$, spoor 15$, seed 5$

5 reviews for Subscription: I want to support monthly and get behind the scenes access!

  1. Excalibur (verified owner)

    One of the best communities I have ever had a privilege to be among and associated with. The people there are truly diverse in thought, sexuality, gender, race and we all are able to express our views without breaking down into arguments or accusations of one another. I hope to be supporting the Honey Badger for many more years to come.

  2. Michael Blake (verified owner)

    They do a job few will do and I feel honored to be allowed to belong!

  3. Darker (verified owner)

    By supporting through Feed the Badger, all* of the money goes to the Badgers, none of it is taken by Patreon.
    The subscription, beyond just supporting the Badgers, also unlocks the majority of the Discord server, which hosts not only activism related topics, but also health, art, and hobby channels which are well used. (Well, some more than others; the writing channel is very active, the programming one isn’t.) :Ü™

    * credit card processor, bank fees, etc. still apply

  4. Mrs_Anne_of_Ark (verified owner)

    A great community that I am honored to be a part of. There is a lot of respect among the members, regardless of race, creed, gender, and status. I’ve been a member for years and have always felt welcome. There is always room for healthy debate. There are game nights, movie nights, memes, writer’s corner, and various advice beyond the aftershows and fireside chats.
    Come for the aftershows, stay for the wonderful community!

  5. Riva (verified owner)

    HBR has been one of the thought leaders in combatting feminism, without them digging up the inconsistencies of the narratives surrounding the oppression of women by a supposed patriarchy most debates that are now well known and widespread would never have reached a wider audience.

    The community surrounding HBR is very facetted and welcoming, regardless of where you are from, what you believe or what your interests are. We are all interested in learning which challenges men and boys but also women and girls face in a society that has been shaped by an Ideology that is feeding the flames of a war between the sexes. I have been a supporter for years,

    Thanks to all Hosts of HBR and the whole community, you are awesome.

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