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  1. The five star rating is for the quality of the art. Its not often you can find this attention to craft for only 20 dollars. Sometimes I go to art museums and pretend I am an art critic, and you can find work that shows this skill for millions of dollars. Alison really is talented…she has an uncanny ability to make real human forms seem 3D. I haven’t seen many artists do this successfully since the masters. I almost want to buy another copy so I can frame some for the wall. In the last few pages of the long comic, she successfully told a story with pages and pages of pictures, no words. It was a brutal scene that made me sad. So kudos to Alison for being such an effective artist and story teller with her drawing skill.
    The subtext of the story has Alison’s politics shining through. She does some interesting gender role switching with the aliens, and the humans seem to have kept our traditional gender roles. Alison makes the male characters more sympathetic. Usually a good character that moves people is more powerful than all the advocacy. I read the longer story first before the paper comic that was shorter, and I noticed the intro comic first edition had a summary of all the characters. I think the story could include more of these details as I read the story (instead of being told in a telling manner in the beginning of paper comic)

  2. I got my copy of V. 2 today and I think it deserves a video essay!
    I will post a link when I am done.
    Don’t worry that your art was banned, Alison. That’s actually a very good sign.
    Lots of good art is celebrated posthumously because it takes a while for people to come around to a new message.
    Even Shakespeare was banned and rated as mediocre. The establishment always does this when they feel threatened.
    so was Ginsberg.
    When Greats Gatsby was published, Fitzgerald thought he failed and it wasnt added to syllabus until later.

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