Fund Badger-Chan Avatar for Beat Sabre (Patron-only equipment fundraiser)

I'd like to get badger-chan as a VR model for Beat Saber streams.

I've priced out the cost and it's 450$ to get her modeled and rigged!

First update!

Snowmobile cam Achieved!

Thank you for everyone who supported our purchase of a streaming cam! We ended up going with a GoPro Hero 8 with automatic streaming capability because we can use it to livestream badger events (with the addition of a proper microphone!) We've tried it out streaming our snowmobiling adventures and we managed to get some of them but unfortunately we apparently live in a small oasis surrounded by a cell coverage deadzone. I believe HBR will get far more use out of this equipment in the future via streaming live men's rights events!

I'd like to take you all snowmobiling via some helmet mounted cams! I'd also like to experiment with live-streaming via Skyroam, which is an additional cost for a month's access. These are the cams I'm looking at:

Cam x 1: 450$

Accessories: 300$

Skyroam: 100$

Subtotal: 500$ CND or 380$ USD

Fees: 20$

Total 850$ USD 

I have a final piece of equipment for the silkscreening room that I've set up, a bench!

Bench: 600$ CND or 460$ USD

Fees: 40$

Total 500$ USD

And I'm also going to be going to Saskatoon to talk to a reporter from MEL, the brand magazine for Dollar shave club:

Mileage: 215$

Hotel: 125$

Subtotal: 340$ CND or 260$ USD

Fees: 20$

Total: 280$

Pledged of $1,300 Goal
Days Left
Crowdfunding ends on
If we meet our goal I'll play through Shrek the Movie on Beat Sabre.
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Support Hannah’s HBR Talk!

Hannah has worked long and hard to bring you the very best in arguments against feminism. She leaps mountains of irrationality in a single bound! She can deconstruct nonsense faster than a speeding bullet! She steamrolls over illogic like a... a... steamroller! Let's make sure she can continue by supporting her work!

  • November 2019 (funded!)
  • December 2019 (funded!)
  • January 2020 (funded!)
  • February 2020

When we reach our goal of 690$ for each month, we'll start on the next month. At any time after the funding drive you can come back and sign up for a monthly pledge here!

Pledged of $2,760 Goal
Days Left
Crowdfunding ends on
Hannah's HBR Talk needs your help to continue! Pledges go to costs involved in running HBR Talk! We've got January funded! Now on to February!
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Badgers to infiltrate the EU!

If you would like to donate an amount without rewards that isn't listed on the right or if you're having trouble donating through the fundraiser options listed, please chose the option below:

If you'd like to support our work on an ongoing basis, please select the option below and you will be taken to our store which has subscription and monthly donation options!

European Badger Tour! Join the Badgers for fun and games at the following exciting locations! In addition to giving our European listening colleagues the opportunity to have a mini-conference with the badgers, I want to strengthen the connection between men's issues and men's rights groups that are doing stuff in the real world! I(Alison) plan to interview the creators and organizations behind these men's issues events and signal boost their aspirations and goals!

Sometimes it feels like everything is going mad, or maybe that we're increasingly alone in a world losing its way and blaming its own problems on young men! The way to overcome our loneliness and alienation is by building a strong world-wide men’s rights community that recognizes the burdens men carry, thus their strength. One day I’m certain our little community will be called upon to be the thread that pulls everything broken back together, because that thread is always a story of love and compassion and men’s rights is the best love story! The best!

Amsterdam November 16th - Badgerdam, 1PM at Westergaas Fabrik

London November 17th - Messages for Men*

Oslo November 19th - International Men's Day Conference

Dublin(maybe) November 23rd - Men's Voices Conference

Rome(maybe) TBA!

If you're interested in attending any of these events or proposed events please drop us a line at:

Your interest will determine if these events will happen!

* Alison will attempting to attend the MESSAGES-FOR-MEN event in London, November 17th. (If she's allowed into the UK.)

Badgerdam! Amsterdam Meetup November 16th

Time: 1PM

Location: WERKKAMER, Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 DB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Budget: 3900$

Flights(Alison, Jonathan, Karen) - 2400$

Venue - 700.00$

Accomodation - 700.00$**

Travel - 100$

Badgerdam! Mike add-on - 400$

Flight - 150$

Accomodation - 200$

Travel - 50$

MESSAGES FOR MEN London November 17th - 600$

Flights(Alison, Jonathan) - 250$

Accomodation - 400$

Travel - 100$

The International Men’s Day Conference Oslo November 19th- 700$

Flights(Alison, Jonathan) - 250$

Accomodation - 350$

Travel - 100$

**Anything over and above all the goals will go to paying off the Amsterdam venue as a generous donor has decided to underwrite this cost.

**Items will be made in December and shipped in the new year! They're hand made by me folks! 😀 - Alison

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ICMI 2019 Fundraiser!

Rewards no longer offered! August 14th, 2019. All donations 10+ will get access to behind the scenes audio content. All donations 100+ will get access to event archives.

Chose the option above to contribute a custom amount without rewards.

If you're having trouble selecting a funding level in this fundraiser please send an email to:

You can also give me a call at 1-306-327-9960


You are one of the few, the brave the bold! You want a ticket!

Register Now on Whova


Don't be sad, fellow men's issues enthusiast! If you want to help the ICMI but are unable to come you can still be part of the action! Choose from one of the following delectable options. Your contribution to this fundraiser makes a huge difference in the success of ICMI 2019!

Speaker Sponsorship

Want to sponsor a speaker? There are two options! Click the button below to put in a bid in our Speaker Sponsor Bidding War! Highest bid wins first choice of speaker[1], second highest wins second choice and so on! In the case of a tie, the bid that came in earliest wins.

Current Top Bidder: Ragmer!

Or choose the “Speaker Sponsorship” level to your right! You will get your choice of speaker AFTER the Speaker Sponsor Bidding War participants have chosen.

Speaker sponsorships cover venue, accommodation and catering costs for speakers plus a gift basket of genius presented to your speaker with a card from you! In addition your name(or tasteful[2] nom de plume) will be featured as speaker sponsor on their name badge like so:

Volunteer or Delegate-in-Need Sponsorship

Want to make the ICMI a rip-roaring success? Of course you do! So help us get bums in seats by sponsoring a delegate-in-need. Or help us get the extra hands we need to manage the ICMI’s many, many, many tasks.

This sponsorship level covers partial cost of ticket + accommodation for a Volunteer. Or the cost of a ticket for two Delegates in need. If you want to be put on a list for any available delegate-in-need tickets, please send an email to:

[Please note, free accomodations not available for delegates-in-need at this time, you must be able to get yourself to the convention and afford your own accomodation!]

Remote ticket!

Pick up a bag of Cheetos, a six pack of Mountain Dew and park yourself on your parent’s basement sofa for a live viewing of ICMI 2019! Participate in live Q/A sessions via chat on the livestream! Exchange messages with other delegates, give speakers feedback on their presentations and more with access to our Event App.

After the convention is over enjoy access to our exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content as well as an archive of ALL the conference presentations. AND get a bag of swag! A program book, lanyard and badge to complete the remote delegate experience![4]

And if you really want to spread the good word, host a remote event and invite all interested parties to attend. If you want to host a remote event and have it announced please send your info to:

Economy Badger

Want to have access to the livestream archive and program book after the event is over? Choose this option!


Attend ICMI 2019 as a… blocky foam brick! Purchase your brick’o’logic and we’ll write your name on your blocky avatar in sharpie! Join in solidarity with everyone else who wants to attend in spirit to create the ICMI “Wall of Honour” a physical demonstration of how much support ICMI 2019 has!

Check out the sidebar to the right for your other support options!

— FAQ --- Q: I can't decide between the Remote Ticket or going to the actual convention! HELP! A: If you're able to attend the convention then make it a priority, although remote tickets will get a taste of the many flavours of ICMI 2019, you'll miss out on the exhibit hall, evening events and live access to one of the streams of content(Remote tickets will get access to all content streams afterward.) As well as lots of opportunities to network with fellow men's issues enthusiasts! In addition your presence at the convention sends a strong message about the support base for men's rights and men's issues in our community. If you can, enter meatspace and be counted!

Q: I don't understand this Speaker Sponsor business, why are there two options? A: If you're okay with sponsoring any speaker or don't have a strong preference, just select the Speaker Sponsor level in the fundraiser. You will be matched up with a great speaker. If you DO have a strong preference, then put in a bid to make sure you get an opportunity to chose your speaker before everyone else!

Q: Where is the venue and hotel? A: That information is top secret for now but will be revealed closer to the event date. At that time, please confirm your hotel reservation and details!

Q: What's the budget? A: Standard ICMI Budget is as follows: Standard ICMI Budget Venue 52k Travel 9.2k Legal/Insurance/Security 2.5k Equipment & Rentals 2.5k Website & Internet 2.5k Speaker fees 1k Misc. 1k Total(rounded up): 71k Badger Bonus Items for ICMI 2019: Swag 5.5k Exhibit 6.8k Event App 2.5k Program Book 5k Total(rounded up): 20k We want to make this the best ICMI yet, with tons of value added features!

Q: Why are you also doing a speaker sponsor and ticket drive? A: We're projecting a shortfall of between 20 to 40k and I'd like to minimize the financial impact on Honey Badger Radio! 😀

Q: Why have you increased the goal amount? 

A: Since we've made our initial 15k goal, I want to try for 20k and if we make that goal, we'll try for 30k, right in the middle of the projected shortfall. And if we make that final goal of 30k, there will be some extra special bonus content the nature of which will be announced once we finish the second goal!

Q: Why did the amount go down!? 

There's a bug in the plugin where cancelled or failed pledges are added to the fundraiser. If you see the fundraiser go down, it's because I've removed pledges that didn't actually get applied to the fundraiser!


1)With consent of speaker!

2)And if it isn’t tasteful, it better be funny.

3)As of July 15th, complimentary t-shirt is no longer available. Complimentary t-shirt will only be available as a bonus till July 15th.

4)Swag ships after the conference. Do NOT choose "free shipping" if you want your physical rewards.

Honey Badger Brigade Inc. is a for-profit company incorporated nationally in Canada and the host for ICMI 2019. We are underwriting the event and thus responsible for any shortfall. Any surplus will go towards hosting future community events, either physical or virtual.

Pledged of $35,000 Goal
Ended On
We made our second goal! Let's get to the third! Help the Badgers infiltrate ICMI 2019 cleverly disguised as its hosts! This is the ultimate Badgers-eleven event heist folks! ICMI 2019 Speaker Sponsor and Ticket Drive!
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