Escape from Chicago

Help Brian and Lindsey escape from Chicago!

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Help Brian and Lindsey escape from Chicago!

Things are getting pretty hairy in large cities around the US, particularly in economically depressed neighbourhoods. Let’s get Brian and Lindsey to a place that’s safer. AND give you more prime badger content!

Hi friendly supporter! I would like to make more contract work available to Brian and Lindsey to facilitate their move from Chicago to a smaller city with less violence and potential for unrest prior to November 2020. One of the big reasons why they haven’t moved already is the fact that Lindsey has to have a job to cover their monthly expenses. Being able to offer more paid contract work monthly will give them the ability to move quicker because they won’t have to wait for Lindsey to find work where they are going.

I’m quite concerned about the situation, both political and social, in major cities around the US. Brian also lives in an area that could be potentially affected very negatively if the social provocateurs get their wishes met to defund the police!

Please help me do what I can to make sure Brian and Lindsey are safe!

The deliverables will be more breaking badgers more often and other marvelous badger content.

This fundraiser includes 2960.00 to cover the monthly Badger feed fundraiser for Brian, Prim and Hannah. All funds over and above the goal amount will go to future Badger expenses.

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