Badgers to Infiltrate Australia!

Get the badgers to Anaheim for the final leg!

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Drop us a line at: if you want to be kept in the know on all the meet up opportunities. Your inclusion on this list is automatic with donation. 

Want to see the Badgers in Anaheim for vidcon? Final stretch!

Meet up in Sydney funded! See you all in New South Wales suckers! HAHAHAHA! Meet up in Melbourne funded! Victoria will be ours too!

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Help the badgers get to the ICMI#3 in Gold Coast Australia and to Vidcon in Anaheim, California.

A limited time offer folks, two for the price of… uh… two! For the month of June the badgers are planning to attend the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Gold Coast Australia and catch Vidcon in Anaheim California on our way back.

This year at the International Conference on Men’s Issues we plan to unleash the codger! Yes everyone’s favourite contrarian puppet will go out among the ne’re-do-wells at the ICMI # 3 and come back with more intel on the true nature of the misogynerd movement. Who we’ll interview? That’s classified information!

We’re also going to Anaheim for Vidcon to hang out with the cool kids, aka. all the creators youtube wished didn’t exist on its platform. Come join us at the conference! Hopefully we won’t get kicked out this time because the popular kids don’t like us!

Haha… er…

Sydney meet up

Date: June 5th

Time: 5PM – till we get kicked out

Location: Cooper’s hotel, 221 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Gold Coast meet up

Date: June 11th

Time: 7 PM

Location: Outside the Kurrawa Surf Club Old Burleigh Rd, Broadbeach QLD 4218

Melbourne meet up

Date: Saturday, June 17th

Time: 5 PM

Location: Melbourne Central Lion Hotel, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre Level 3, 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Anaheim meet up(if funded)

Meet up during VidCon

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Meet up outside of VidCon(for those who can’t afford tickets)

Date: Sunday, June 25th

Time: TBA

Location TBA


  1. More instalments in the Dossier of Deplorables
  2. Another Couchening with the badgers
  3. Additional meet up opportunities for our listenators (as we’re able)
  4. Moar merch!
  5. Speaking of which…


This time we’re going to be offering badges, stamps, t-shirts and art prints as thank yous for your support.

Here are some graphics to whet your appetite!

Budget for the ICMI # 4 (Australia) & Additional meet-ups(as able)

Alison & Jonathan

Flights – 4000
Accommodations – 1750
Car Rental – 1000
Per Diem – 1500
Local travel – 750

Total: 9000


Flight – 2500
Accomodations – 750
Per Diem – 750
Lost wages – 500

Total: 4500

Budget for Sydney meet up & Gold Coast: 13500


Flight – 2500
Accomodations – 750
Per Diem – 750

Total: 4000

Brian add-on: 17500


Accomodations – 750
Car Rental – 500

Total: 1250

Contingency: 1000

Melbourne Venue: 300

Badgers in Melbourne Add-on: 20050

Budget for Vidcon(Anaheim) 

Alison & Jonathan

Accommodations – 800
Per Diem – 500
Tickets – 320

Total: 1620


Accommodations – 600
Per Diem – 250
Ticket – 160

Total: 1010


Per diem – 250
Ticket – 160

Total: 410

Contingency: 850

Equipment: 750

Anaheim trip total: 4640

Total Budget

Anaheim trip total: 4640

Australia Trip total: 19750

Total for Anaheim & Australia: 24690

Q: What happens if you don’t meet your goals?

A: If we don’t meet a goal, the funds raised will go to Honey Badger Brigade operations expenses. We will attempt to do everything laid out in this fundraiser but sometimes plans fall through.

Q: What do you do with funds raised above your goals?

A: All funds raised above our goal will go towards Honey Badger Brigade future operations expenses.

Q: What is Honey Badger Brigade’s legal status?

A: Honey Badger Brigade is a for-profit corporation whose mandate is to protect creative freedom and advocate for men’s issues.