Help the badgers help Brian!

Brian has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. I want to make sure he has what he needs to get better! -Alison

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Update July 20th

Brian has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of testicular cancer. He still has good survival odds but he’s been informed that his treatment will be longer and more intensive than was originally thought.

What I can interpret from his pathology report is that he has stage IIIA non-seminoma testicular cancer. If you’d like to read more I’ve uploaded his pathology report here. The specific type of cancer he has is rare-embryonic carcinoma.

His doctors inform him that his chemo treatments will be between six months and one year and he will have to undergo surgery at the end.

He can beat this cancer, but he still needs our help.

Update: July 14th, 2017

We’ve got to our second goal in a week! Brian will be receiving his pathology report on the 19th. At that time he’ll have a better understanding of his exact needs and treatment options.

When we learn more on the 19th, we’ll figure out our next goal after that!

If you want to give Brian funds for needs other than medical leave or expenses, please give them to Brian directly through paypal.

If you want to support the entire team, please go to our patreon!

Update: July 6th, 2017

Thank you so much for getting us to our first goal in less than a day!

I’ve done some research on the average costs of testicular cancer. Apparently it’s around 50k. 80% of Brian’s medical will be paid by his insurance, leaving 10k.

I’ve added that on as a stretch goal. Let’s give Brian the fewest worries and headaches possible!

If you want to send Brian well-wishes, please send them to:

Badger Cave c/o Alison Tieman
113 First Avenue West
Kelvington, SK, Canada
S0A 1W0

Please don’t send perishables as they likely won’t survive being forwarded.


Brian has been diagnosed with Testicular cancer.

There’s really no way to say it delicately so there it is.

On Friday he went into the hospital due to a swollen testicle. MRI scans revealed a number of additional masses in his pelvis and right lung.

This week he went into surgery to have his swollen testicle removed. He’s recovering now and we will be learning more about his specific diagnosis in two weeks. Depending on his lab results he will either be under going surgery or chemotherapy treatment.

Along with my husband Jonathan who does a lot of the thankless behind the scenes stuff like driving through Australia on the wrong side of the road for four days straight… Brian is my rock when it comes to HBR. I’ll never forget when Brian asked me three years ago while I was experiencing burn out if there was more he could do to help.

Not only has he taken over the bulk of the production work at Honey Badger Radio, freeing me up to do more logistical and administration work, he has always made time to listen to my worries and fears regarding Honey Badger Radio’s future.

I have many. But he was always there to gently tell me that maybe instead of tanking, this will be the year Honey Badger Radio takes off.

Yay! Anyway…

If Karen is the face, Mike the wit, Hannah our ear on the ground and our nose for news, Jonathan the bones, Max the pulse and I’m the brain of HBR…

Some might say the butthole of HBR…

Then Brian is the heart.

As Brian has supported me and helped me and Honey Badger Radio get this far. I want to support him.

Brian has already said he wants to continue to do his work at Honey Badger Radio but I know from experience that chemotherapy is an exhausting process. Brian will need the flexibility to focus on recovery and won’t be able to do the same amount of work to keep HBR running.

Unfortunately that puts us in a bind as Honey Badger Radio isn’t a large and flush enough to offer paid leave.

I’m asking you to help me help support Brian by helping us raise the funds to offer him an extended paid medical leave.

This will also be a long term fight so if you want to support the entire team with a monthly donation go here.

Any additional funds over the base amount will go to help him deal with his medical bills. Currently he has Medicare which covers 80% and has concerns about being able to cover the rest.

Let’s take those worries off his shoulders, both in terms of maintaining his income and helping him with anything that isn’t covered by insurance.

Thank you.

Alison Tieman,

Founder Honey Badger Radio

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Badge shop is now closed. Thank you for your support!

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20 thoughts on “Help the badgers help Brian!

  1. It’s a damn shame to hear this Brian, I’ve enjoyed your input to the shows since you took on a more prominent role, and I hope you can soon be back, both healthy and happy, contributing full time.

    As an aside though, does this now make you ‘literally Hitler’?

    All the best,


  2. Nicholas Chabot

    I’m sorry that I was only able to donate 5 bucks to this. You guys do phenomenal work and it fills me with pride and hope for the future of our country. Not just because your Canadian but also because you are from my own province AND near where I live. If I am able to donate more in the future I shall endeavor to do so. Best of luck to you all and take care of yourself. Brian, We are all rooting for you. You are never alone in this fight.

  3. Hang in there Brian, and keep your hopes up. Testicular cancer is serious, but it is very beatable. I know because I’ve had it twice, and I have made a full recovery both times (the second case was unrelated to the first). The chemotherapy drugs of today are VERY effective against TC, and the delivery schedule is usually on a 1 week on/1 week off basis, and for the first month or two, I actually felt pretty close to normal on those weeks off and was able to pursue a number of regular activities (me and my bald head even won a bronze medal in a small fencing tournament). BTW, your hair most certainly will grow back as thick as ever after chemo, so enjoy not shaving while you can. While every case of cancer is a little different, even within the same types of cancer, I did want you to know there’s actually a good chance things will work out ok. I’m now about 8 years since my last case, living a normal life, and as far as medical diagnostics can determine, still cancer-free. Fight the good fight, brother!

  4. You know those Honeybadgers, Brian. Sometimes they can get out of hand. We’re counting on you to continue to corral those unruly women… jk. Much love for you and the HB team. Much gratitude for your continuing work. You will get through this. U The man.

  5. Have you considered or are aware of vitimin B17 , B17 naturally occurs in plants histroically at least , the body produces a chemical which is attracted too cancer , this chemical breaks down the b17 to its components one being a natural cyanide the cyanide kills the cancer then the chemical binds the cyanide and is flushed out of the body .

    But there is no money to be made in something as simple as apricot seeds (high in b17) so its been banned by the FDA you can buy it as a plant food here in Australia

  6. The type of disease that cancer is , can only be formed from a lack of vitamins , but thats not widely known

  7. darrell.dandridge21

    Hoping for the best for you to pull through! Stay strong and keep up the good fight! You can beat this 🙂 Much love.

  8. Daniel Santiago

    Brian, I wish for you to get well soon. I want to let you know that you are not alone. We are your family and we’re in your corner. God bless you!

  9. Love your work. It was great meeting you all at the Gold Coast convention and sharing the film studio 🙂 Sending best wishes to you all and Brian in particular. Keep up your important work.
    Claire and Brendon Stretch

  10. Really sorry that you’re going through this man. I hope it all works out for you, better than you could ever hope.

  11. I wish you the best, Brian. You can beat this! 🙂

    To whom it may concern: I came across an issue with the Shop. It doesn’t accept Queretaro as a valid County, despite it being listed as such in the error message that displays after a failed purchase. Good thing for me, though, as I was about to pay $22 in shipment costs. It gave me time to realize this, and choose to opt out of the badge instead! 😀

  12. Simply put, I may have a similar thing. I haven’t been able to get help due to a lack of good medical help near me and (at other times) a lack of medical insurance. I get to finally go in in about a month to hopefully get it all cleared up one way or another.

    So I donated because, unlike me, you have a family and a real positive affect on the world around you. I sincerely hope you get better, and soon. Good luck, sir.


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