To the Badger Cave!

Get the badgers a dank basement so they can meme in their natural habitat. MAKE PEPE PROUD!

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If you want to make an anonymous donation thru paypal use: 

Help the Badgers finance the purchase of a dank basement so that they might return to their natural habitat(there’s an office building on top but that’s incidental.)

If you want to help out with monthly expenses, please become a patron here.

 Goal (does not include renovations): 14,950$ 

 Stretch goal # 1 (includes bonus rewards and renovations): 19,900$

Sub Stretch goal #1.5 (cost of house purchase): 40,500$

 Stretch Goal # 2 (includes bonus rewards, shipped rewards and purchase fees! YAY!): 49,900$  

Bonus Rewards(For stretch goal # 1)

The top contributor will be offered the first tour of the Badger Cave when it’s fully armed and operational; they will also be invited to name one of the rooms in the Badger Cave.

The top three contributors will get silk screened flags in the style below:


Bonus Rewards(For stretch goal # 2) 

The top three contributors will be offered the first tour of the Badger cave when it’s fully armed and operational, including an private inaugural address by the Badgers. The top contributor will have the option to name their choice of basement, room or toilet in the Badger Cave. The second top contributor will have second choice in naming the basement, room or toilet. The third contributor will be able to name the couch. There will be a couch.

Special Reward? 

Do you want a special reward that isn’t listed here? For example you’d prefer a blue-ray or a t-shirt rather than being recognized on a plaque? Drop a line at:

All reasonable requests will be fulfilled.

The top ten contributors will get silk screened flags in the style below: 


Budget for each Goal level

 Goal # 2 Budget(total cost of property):

Total Property Cost: 40,500$*

Renovations: 5000$

Rewards: 2000$

Fundraiser costs: 2400$

Total: 49900$  

Goal # 1 Budget(35% downpayment plus rewards and renos):

Renovations: 3500$

Rewards: 1200$

Fundraiser cost: 1000$

35% downpayment: 14,200$

Total 19,900$

Original Goal Budget(35% downpayment no rewards):

Fundraiser cost: 750$

35% downpayment: 14,200$

Total: 14,950$  

Any funds over and above Goal # 2 will go to the Honey Badger House foundation, badger cave renovations or HBB operations.

Why are you asking for funds for a physical space?

Honey Badger Brigade has outgrown my house. I’m running out of space to put inventory and I currently use my kitchen table to stage shipping and handling, my living room coffee table as an office desk, and my bedroom bookshelf as a recording studio. If we had access to a physical location, I can start to build an actual recording studio, have proper space for organized and accessible inventory(which will eventually mean more loot), have a real office desk and a place to stage shipping and handling. Plus Brian will have a location to stay at when he comes up to work with me (mortgage payments + land taxes + utilities on this location are cheaper than rent.)

In addition to all that, we need access to a business address to even have the possibility of upgrading our internet to something remotely resembling what a professional media company needs. Right now we have the equipment to record and edit up to 4k but I can only upload in 720p(1080p for short videos)  because we have a 850 kb/s upload speed.

Finally as a foundation, Honey Badger House, would have a proper business address.

Tell me more about Honey Badger House?

Currently Honey Badger House is a pre-approved name for a non-profit. I will be undertaking the work to make it into a charitable foundation under the guidance of someone who has already created several charities including one related to this general area. When and if we get approval from his board of directors, he will be able to take a more public role as my advisor overseeing the creation of this charity. (Unfortunately conflict of interest has nixed this; He will still be my advisor, but not in a public capacity.)

Honey Badger House is legally distinct from Honey Badger Brigade Inc., which is a corporation operating for profit.

I(Alison) will be setting up an open ended fundraiser for Honey Badger House’s initial administration costs sometime after we establish a business location. It can be accessed here.

Honey Badger House has the following draft mandate(may change to reflect wording requests):

1. To fund the advancement of education into gender related gaps in social support.
2. To fund services for men in crisis related to the gaps in social support.
Honey Badger House is intended to take the task of funding services off the shoulders of an approved donee who wants to create services for men in crisis or create initiatives to educate men about gender related gaps in social support.
When Honey Badger House achieves charitable status (which may involve a bureaucratic fight that can take up to a year and a half), it will be donating the legally required 5%  of it’s fundraised proceeds to the Canadian Association for Equality, currently running the Centre for Men and Families 
It will also fundraise for future men’s issues initiatives such as a domestic violence shelter for men.

Where are my rewards from “Lights, Camera, Badger” and the ICMI fundraiser!? 

If you ordered a blu-ray, we need to finish up the filming year before we can send them out. The shirts and most of the mystery envelope rewards are currently sitting in a box in my garage, they will be shipped out with the blu-rays in one exhausting go.

Fuck you shysters!  You don’t care about men!

That’s, like, your opinion, man.

Can I get a tax receipt?

I have had one person request a tax receipt. Honey Badger Brigade is not a charitable organization and Honey Badger House will take years to set up.

24 thoughts on “To the Badger Cave!

  1. Please accept my small donation. Wish I could send more, as your work is so important and one of a kind (but alas, I am an underpaid and under appreciated employee). Been following men’s issues since late 2011,my gateway was Karen, and found Alison soon afterward. I haven’t donated before (almost hit up the Red Pill movie at the last minute). Perhaps it was Paul Elam’s shameless request to send him to a screening of that film, and there are so many retarded crowd funders these days, I don’t want yours to get lost. Your last videos put me over the top (that is the Alison I remember; your threat narratives series are superb, and probably my most referenced!) I guess.

  2. Really hope you reach your target. I wish I could donate more and I also wish we had a HBB in the UK. My finances are currently tangled up with legal fees trying to get my house back from an ex-partner who has treated me as a slave for 21 years.

  3. My gateway was Alison, it was such an honour to meet you at Newstead Abbey, and it’s an honour to support you in this project. I wish we could have talked more, maybe another day.

  4. I was planning on donating ten dollars, a small tip in the jar that might hopefully add up to bigger things. Then I watched the critique video done by… I’m actually not familiar with the (woman?) who did the critique video. This is the first time I saw anything from (her?) Mockery? Well, this is the internet. Mockery is a business here. But the false concern for the poor men ‘duped’ into donating? You can almost feel the loathing for such men like a texture in the air. This is not a feminism worried about men. This is a feminism who mocks the idea of anything for men, supported by men. This is a feminism that mocks the idea of tears for men. Such is not my feminism. After watching that, I shifted the decimal. If I could shift it a second time, I would.

  5. Well I tipped a fiver. Don’t have much to give but I really believe in what you guys are working for so good luck on you!

  6. Thank you all, you give me hope for the future. I hope one day to be able to volunteer my talents at a Honey Badger House. Alison, I will buy your hot chocolate anytime.

  7. Almost hesitant to give as you seem to figure out more the longer you shill.
    But it won’t be much anyway, so you’ll still need to navel gaze and therefore figure out more stuff. So I don’t need to worry.

  8. Il be back to give more when i find out how i can rationalise my spenditure on a foreign initiative like this to my gf and my economy picks up a little 🙂 i will be back for sure though (Arnold voice):) Keep fighting the good fight. Gadger On

  9. $100 for you, I would give $1000 if I could, but all is tied up on such short notice and $100 is all I can afford at the moment.

    I, and we here, support all that you do. Thanks a million from the Hawkland (Iowa); soon all of the land will be Badgerland!!!

  10. I want to donate, but after I complete the form it says my Credit card (a MasterCard) doesn’t support the payment form. I’d really like to join in so we can reach the goal. Is there anything we can do to get my money in the badgers hand?

  11. You would’ve gotten more shekels if stretch goals included a pit of actual honeybadgers in which to throw Jessica Valenti.

  12. Why the “Failed” label? The initial goal as well as stretch goals #1 and #1.5, were reached – isn’t raising 3x the initial goal a highly respectable success? What does “failed” mean in this context? (Other than stretch goal #2 not being reached, obviously)


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