Chris Kohls
Robby Soave
Mike Buchanan
How do you measure then equalize suffering, when we are not all made the same?
Ever since childhood, Mark dreamed of bringing atttention to female-perpetrated domestic violence and our culture's inclination to pretend it doesn't exist. But he had no idea how to go about it. So he tried many different things over the course of many years. Some worked; most didn't. Much of what did work was done behind the scenes. In this session, Mark will share some of the things that did work, and some that didn't.
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Almost ninety percent of women in the U.S. have used the birth control pill. While we often heard about deleterious physical side effects of the pill, we seldom hear about the psychological and society-wide impact of a majority of the female population utilizing a medication which fundamentally alters a woman's reproductive hormonal cycle. This session will discuss the long and short term effects both on an individual and at a societal level of widespread birth control usage. Utilizing data from biological, neurological, psychological, and sociological research, let us unravel the problem of the pill and its effects on relational and romantic interactions between men and women in modernity.
Marc Angelucci