The #MeToo movement is the latest salvo in a long crusade by feminists to crush male sexuality. It’s been a very long campaign, dating back to 19th century suffragettes whose slogan - "Votes for Women. Chastity for Men!"; linked the political equality of women to controlling men's sex drive.That was just the beginning. Ongoing feminist campaigns saw male sexuality increasingly publicly reviled. Men were endlessly in trouble over sex. Men in trouble for not keeping their trousers zipped, for groping and harassing women, for looking at pornography, or gazing at women in the wrong way. Shame-faced men were paraded in front of jeering chat show audiences and forced to atone for their sins. Any expression of lusty male sexual drive was vilified, particularly on college campuses. Then came #MeToo, an orgy of vengeful women intent on destroying the careers of powerful men. And on the home front, wives have been given licence to shut up shop, with women's lower libido resulting in more sexless marriages and miserable men.