What it takes to fight for men's rights
Woke capitalism is the latest marketing trend that companies insist on adopting despite it's well known track record of negatively affecting the bottom line and alienating a sizeable portion of your consumer base, leading to a loss of customers. Yet for some reason, the trend continues.
Discussing Fatherlessness in America
The situation for men has gotten worse in the west when it comes to false accusations. Any protestation of innocence or expectation of due process is now met with allegations of encoraging rape culture.
Enjoy a Q/A with the cast members of "The Red Pill"
There are unique challenges facing poor and minority boys in education, jobs, fatherlessness and social acceptance. How can we improve the support we give these young men? And can we apply the lessons we learn from their challenges to all young men who are struggling?
The American Psychological Association has recently updated its guidelines on how to treat men and boys. In the process it's problematized "traditional masculinity"--aka those activities and behaviours associated with being male--and decided that they harm men's mental health. Lets see what Psychologists who work with men actually have to say about that!
The dismal state of society's services for men and the men who are doing something about it.
The media outrage machine thrives on the anger of the mob, not only so it can farm clicks for profit, but direct this anger towards it's enemies. If the media cannot find any anger, it will create it, no matter how mundane a situation is and with no regard for how many lives they destroy in the process.