Enjoy a Q/A with the cast members of "The Red Pill"
The dismal state of society's services for men and the men who are doing something about it.
We must believe, even with our eyes open, that we still can win. We know that women are more loved, elicit more empathy, and that female safety and wellbeing are prioritized. It’s instinctual. Eliciting empathy is a female strategy based on women’s greater power to elicit empathy. We must shake off the shame and believe in ourselves. We must believe that we, as men, are more respected, elicit more authority, and that male leadership is still longed for. And we must believe that that too is instinctual. It is ancient and archetypal and we must believe that it runs deeper than the current rhetoric, deeper than the current misandry. Feminism has its “men have the power; women are the victims”; narrative. We know how one-sided, false and poisonous that narrative is. I believe we must take leadership by presenting a new narrative ;a wiser, healthier, more balanced, and more sustainable narrative vision of the future that the general public, weary of gender conflict, can embrace. That's how we win.