The situation for men has gotten worse in the west when it comes to false accusations. Any protestation of innocence or expectation of due process is now met with allegations of encoraging rape culture.
Intimate Partner Violence-Has there been real progress in the provision of services to men since the first publication of “Abused Men-The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence” and even since the second edition in 2009? & update from: Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) recent accomplishments and challenges. The new definitions of rape and the changed sexual/legal landscape. How it happened, who was/is behind it & what it means. Details from “When Women Sexually Abuse Men-The Hidden Side of Rape, Stalking, Harassment and Sexual Assault” Including some new information about the scope of false allegations. Academia-The new methods to challenge/reform Title IX, will they succeed? What progress has been made in reforming family court systems-is the new wave of shared parenting legislation a harbinger for further reforms? What programs and policies if instituted could further reduce the harm faced by the children of divorce? Is legislation the best way to achieve them? Update on the Federal level game: A brief history of the Coalition For a White House Council on Boys and Men, and where we are today. A summary of seven presidential candidates reactions to the proposal. VAWA reforms will likely be limited. What is our level of support in D.C.? On the increase or in decline?
The dismal state of society's services for men and the men who are doing something about it.